• Does the marking of products as being patented entail any risks? Answer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the indication that a patent application is pending or that a patent has been granted have to be placed?
If the dimensions of a product allow it, placing the indication that a patent is pending or has been granted directly on the product is to be recommended.

If the indication cannot be placed directly on the product itself, it should be placed on its packaging.

The indication that a patent is pending or has been granted in brochures and advertising materials often turns out to be the only suitable solution for specific goods such as small electronic items as components of final products. This type of marking does not generally bring the same legal advantages, however, as placing the indication on the product itself.

If a marking is possible directly on the product, even if this entails additional costs or brings with it aesthetic limitations, the omission to do so might result in legal disadvantages. This is true in particular in the United States.