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Established 1925


Promotion of artists

BOVARD promotes artists and benefits from beautiful, periodically changing, artwork on its walls, providing a change of scenery and touches of color in the offices.  The artists are selected primarily through contacts to the School for Design in Berne and Bienne.

We gladly provide information for contacting the artist to those interested in purchasing artwork.

Current Focus: Paintings by Hristo Mavrev

Born in the mountainous part of Bulgaria, Hristo Mavrev studied fine arts at the Neofit Rilski University in Blagoevgrad and then at the University of Applied Sciences in Athens. He was awarded the City of Maisons Laffitte Prize in 2017. His works have been exhibited in Greece by the M'Art gallery and the Cheap'Art salons and in Saint Germain en Laye. Hristo Mavrev willingly uses everyday materials, pvc, industrial paints, adhesive tapes, for an abstract revisiting of classical figurative pictorial themes. The works chosen by Bovard S.A. were produced in five countries over a period of twelve years.  From realism to the imaginary, the themes and inspirations vary according to his travels. The elements of nature - water, earth, air and fire - are constantly returning. Symbolism is alternately displayed or hidden in detail.

The Nonexistent Knight ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

The Nonexistent Knight

80cm x 120cm

Initiation ©Hristo Mavrevzoom


88cm x 116cm

Blessing ©Hristo Mavrevzoom


80cm x 80cm

Air ©Hristo Mavrevzoom


100cm x 140cm

Out Of The Blue 1 ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

Out Of The
Blue 1

27cm x 27cm

Out Of The Blue 2 ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

Out Of The
Blue 2

27cm x 27cm

Out Of The Blue 3 ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

Out Of The
Blue 3

27cm x 27cm

Fire Corset 1 ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

Fire Corset 1

81cm x 116cm

Fire Corset 2 ©Hristo Mavrevzoom

Fire Corset 2

81cm x 116cm

Light ©Hristo Mavrevzoom


80cm x 120cm


Artists who have exhibited previously at BOVARD:

Kaspar Zwirner,

Bild von Kaspar Zwirnerzoom

Esther Gischig, Baltschieder,

Bild von Esther Gischigzoom

Herbert Rothen, Murten,

Photograph by Herbert Rothenzoom

Cornelia Schmid, Spengelried,

Bild von Cornelia Schmidzoom

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Foto von Thomas Staufferzoom

Robert André, Berne,

Bild Robert Andrézoom

Corinna Elena Marti, Berne,

Bild Martizoom

Marianne Inäbnit, Berne

Bild Inäbnitzoom
Bild Inäbnitzoom

Thomas Isaak, Berne

Bild Isaakzoom